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Why is it called 'The Tin Hat Centre'?

The project arose out of the closure, in 1995, of a social club, called the “Tin Hat”. Originally, the steering group who developed the project were going to use the social club as the premises, but the building was subsequently sold to a private company. The project evolved over time to become a new purpose-built structure, which kept the “Tin Hat” name as a nod to its origins.

Who funded the Tin Hat Centre originally?

During a long development process before the project began construction, the steering group were able to make successful funding bids to the Coalfield Community Landmarks Scheme (part of the Millennium Commission), Nottinghamshire County Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

How much did the project cost?

The steering group were able to raise £1.3 million to pay for the construction and equipping of the Tin Hat Centre.

When was the Tin Hat Centre built?

Construction began in September 2001 and was completed in February 2002.

When did the Tin Hat Centre open?

The Centre opened its doors to the public in June 2002.

Who funds the Centre now?

The Tin Hat Centre is a charity, and the long-term aim of the organisation is to become self-sufficient (but not necessarily profit-making), but at the moment we rely on funding from outside sources. Nottinghamshire County Council currently support the Centre to cover its annual shortfall. All other funding comes from grant applications, funding initiatives and money that can be brought in through room hire, lease agreements and other general services that we provide to the community.

Who owns the Tin Hat Centre?

The Centre is owned by a company called “The Tin Hat Centre”, which is a registered charity (no. 1089619). The company is managed by a Board of Trustees and employed staff, who meet regularly to plan the development and progress of the Centre.

Who funds the café?

The café was funded by the Big Lottery Fund until August 2006. It is now franchised by Julia Juridch and re-launched in September 2011 as 'The Lazy Lunch Cafe'.

Who runs the IT Suite?

The Tin Hat Centre now run  the IT Suite and offer a wide selection of computer courses for all abilities.  The well equipped IT Suite is also available for hire at a competitive rate, please contact reception for further details. 

Why is the Police Contact Point here?

During planning for the Centre, Nottinghamshire Police (who previously operated from a house on Nottingham Road) requested office space in the building. The designs were redrawn to incorporate a Police Contact Point, which was purpose-built to meet their needs. The Police Contact Point is intended to be a modern and welcoming environment for members of the public who wish to speak with an officer in person to discuss issues, problems, or to get advice. The Police Contact Point is leased by Nottinghamshire Police.

Is the building run by Nottinghamshire County Council?

No. This is a common misconception and one we are eager to address - Nottinghamshire County Council provide advice and guidance (along with occasional funding) to the Tin Hat Centre, but all day-to-day running of the Centre is carried out by The Tin Hat Centre staff.

Are local colleges involved in running the Centre in any way?

No local college has any part in running the Centre on a day-to-day basis.

How are courses organised?

The Tin Hat Centre staff work in close partnership with local colleges (West Nottinghamshire College and the Workers Education Authority (WEA)) to arrange courses. Several months before each term, we meet with officers from the colleges to discuss what courses our users have requested and which of the colleges can provide those courses. Arranging a course depends upon many factors: Tutor availability, room availability, cost of the course, crèche availability, number of interested students, etc. Once a course list is agreed we begin promoting those courses in the Centre and on our website. The colleges provide and pay the tutor, pay us for room hire for the duration of the course, and at the moment they also pay towards crèche staff if they are required.

How can I request or sign up for a course?

Speak with a member of staff on reception. We are always open to suggestions and ideas, and if you have a course in mind we will start a waiting list and speak to the colleges about it when we have enough interest. You can sign up for any course at any time during the year, all we need is your name and phone number – we will contact you when we get a course arranged.

Why is my course sometimes moved to another room?

The colleges pay us a flat rate for room hire, which does not change no matter which room they use. As a service to our users, we always try to place courses in their preferred room. On occasion, however, a private booking may request a specific room for their use, in which case we have to move the course to a different room. Without the income generated from private bookings (who pay larger room hire rates), the Centre would not be here to provide facilities for your course, therefore on occasion we are forced to move your course to make way for a bigger booking. We always do our best to notify course tutors of changes in the room they are using in advance.

How do I register my opinion or make a comment about the Centre?

There are several options. You can always speak to a member of staff, or you can e-mail us, write to us, or leave a comment in the “Comments Book” on reception. Comments can be anonymous if you prefer, and they are always welcome. Your comments may even help us as support for funding applications. Whenever possible, we will act on your comments to improve the Centre.

If this F.A.Q. has not answered your question, please feel free to speak with a member of staff. Thanks for your support!

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